FREE Class 18 – Intermediate Vinyasa

Enjoy this free 30 minute vinyasa/flow yoga video podcast.


Or to Download

To get the free download of “FREE Class 18 – Intermediate Vinyasa”, subscribe to the free podcast by clicking here. This will launch iTunes.

Once you get to the Yoga with Les page, click the ‘Subscribe‘ button. After you’re subscribed, click the ‘Get‘ button next to ‘FREE Class 18 – Intermediate Vinyasa to begin the download. Double click the class to start playback.

If you’ve already subscribed to the free Yoga with Les podcast, just download the file. The video is available for you.

FREE Class 18 – Intermediate Vinyasa” is a 222 MB file.


If you enjoyed this class, have a look at the other full length videos. Click here to view them.

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